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Making Accountancy fun and interesting to learn #HappyAccounting

Updated: May 20, 2022

I have worked in the Accountancy profession for about 25 years and throughout these years I have gained valuable experiences from doing daily bookkeeping, to preparing management and year end accounts for both the private and charity sector.  I have also gained lots of experience working as a freelance trainer for various organisations. I must say when I was studying, i did find the subject a bit boring, I guess because of the way it was being taught.

When I decided to become a freelance trainer, I was determined to add my sense of fun into my delivery as well as using different learning styles. I do love accountancy  and it does give me a buzz when I am delivering a course, especially when I see an individual's confidence increases.

Over the years, I have received lots of good feedback about my delivery styles and some of my students even nicknamed me the #HappyAccountant. I even created a double entry song to help.

Below are some of the feedback I received from delegates..

“The trainer managed to make a rather dry subject really interesting. She was so enthusiastic about the subject and that made the day fly by.”

“Excellent and engaging trainer on a complicated subject”

“For a dry subject Genny made it fun!”

“I would just like to add that Genny turned a day that I was not particularly looking forward to (finance is not really my thing!) into an enjoyable and productive day

Finance training can be quite a dry subject to both deliver and to receive. However, Genny made the session enjoyable and interactive and actually had trouble in stopping some of the interactions due to lively discussions.”

“I didn't want to attend this course as I though it would be dull and uninteresting! I really enjoyed the course and have gained some excellent basic knowledge about managing a budget which will help me in my role.”

“I've been responsible for budgets in prior roles, but I still learned and refreshed several things. Presenter used a good mix of personal experience and humour to keep the atmosphere light hearted. Good mix of exercises which flowed through to each other to complete a simple example set of accounts. “

“This training was very helpful for me to consider what I need to do when thinking about fundraising and projects as well as current activities.”

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